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Hiperion Biotech provides consulting services that specialise in biotechnology and the health industry. It was created to meet the needs of a specific sector that required customised services.
At Hiperion Biotech we think that our best asset is our human and intellectual capital. This is why our team is made up of highly-qualified professionals whose academic training and professional experience lies in different areas relating to biotechnology and business. The Hiperion Biotech team comprises PhDs and graduates with degrees in Biology, Pharmacy and Law who have all studied Business Administration for Biotechnological Companies at postgraduate level.
Our team has gained their professional experience over a broad range of areas, ranging from multinationals engaged in clinical diagnostics, basic and applied research at universities and hospitals, university teaching and the financial world.
Our mission is to provide high-quality services to all those involved in the biotechnology sector, such as:

> Companies
> Public Bodies
> Promoters of new business ideas
> Researchers
> Universities
> Investors
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