The XXI century has brought new technological challenges in its wake. Biotechnology is fast becoming one of the driving forces behind economic growth in a wide range of fields, such as health, food, the environment and new materials. People are now talking about the third industrial revolution. The first industrial revolution took place during the XVIII century, the second was sparked off by the spread of the Internet and telecommunications at the end of the last century and the third revolution that, according to some was initiated in 1953 with the discovery of DNA and the double helix and subsequently continued with the human genome project, will bring about important economic and social changes that will transform the world we live in.

Our company comprises a team of professionals drawn from research and business communities who have decided to join forces and pool their knowledge to provide biotechnology consulting services to all those involved in this sector. Our academic training and work experience give us in-depth knowledge of the problems faced by this sector, and of what their needs are.
At Hiperion Biotech, we firmly believe that professionalism and trust are the key to providing top-quality services. That is why we want to be close to our clients, understand their needs and provide them with the best solution for each case. Good communication, a customised service for each client and working in close cooperation are at the core of our company philosophy.

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