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Hiperion Biotech is in touch with media. As a result of this relationship, various press articles and radio interviews have taken place.
Article Medio Date
The biotechnology in Latinamerica: Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba and Mexico. Hiperion Biotech for GENOME SPAIN. http://www.gen-es.org/02_cono/02_cono.cfm?pag=0308 3rd March 2006
Antibiotic´s Global Market Farmaespaña Industrial May-June 2005
Biotechnology in Argentina Pharmaceutical International June 2005
An Introduction to the Clinical Trial Farmaespaña Industrial March-April 2005
Generic Pharmaceutical Specialities (GPS) in Spain. Pharmaceutical International (Web). 23th of February 2005
"Spanish wishful thinking towards biotech". Nature bioentrepreneur 10th February 2005
“Introduction to the situation of Biotechnology. Analysis of the private sector, financing sources and public perception. Public Policies to support the creation of Biobusiness” Farmaespaña December 2004
Spain: a potencial market for biotechnology Pharmaceutical International (Web) 3rd of January of 2005
“Current situation of the Biotechnology: The pharmacist’s role” Web of the Official College of Pharmacists of Bizkaia 14th of October 2004
"The biotechnological market is about to still to explode". Pharmaceutical Mail 1-7 of november 2004
"The School of Phamacists of Bizkaia tomorrow organizes a conference on biotechnology". http://www.portalfarma.com General Council of Schools of Pharmaucists 14th of October 2004
"The Spanish investigator begins to patent". http://diariomedicowas5.recoletos.es/buscador/documento.jsp The Medical Newspaper 26th of May 2004
Interview Medio Date
Interview: “Current situation of the Biotechnology” SER Radio 14th of October 2004, 19:30
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