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The Hiperion Biotech team provides a wide range of high-quality services to all those involved in the biotechnology industry.

Public bodies
The complexity of the biotechnological sector and health industry means that public bodies, such as state organisms, autonomous governments, provincial councils, town councils or foundations, must have their projects analysed by qualified experts to guarantee that the projects are properly evaluated and implemented. >> more information

In business, success does not depend solely on having a business idea; you have to put it into practice. We know how difficult it can be to reach the proposed target and this is why at Hiperion Biotech we want to guide you and help you achieve your objective. >> more information

In a world that is becoming increasingly competitive and global in scope, companies need highly specialised services, particularly in the case of biotechnology and the health industry, a highly complex and emerging sector which necessitates customised services. >> more information
Research Centres
At Hiperion Biotech we believe there is a large barrier that prevents university research work from being adopted by the business world. Mindful of this long-standing problem, we at Hiperion Biotech want to bridge both worlds. We have set in place mechanisms that enable the research centres that want to transfer knowledge to the business world to do so.
>> more information
Finance companies and Private Investors
The decision to invest in an emerging sector such as biotechnology and the health industry requires professional and extensive analysis. Hiperion Biotech is aware that it is a high-risk area, and that is why our team of professionals analyses the technical, judicial-legal and economic viability of each project in order to minimise the possibility of failure and guarantee expected returns. >> more information
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